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Homeowner loses her Home at the Foreclosure Auction

Home owner informed us she had it handled, her home was the first to go to sale. Sometimes verbal agreements with your bank or association is NOT enough. Contact our office and learn more about your options besides Foreclosure … Schedule a free Consultation

Mtg Co. Informs Homeowner Not to Worry
and then he looses his home

Jesse Keenan informs homeowner that his home went to foreclosure that his home went to foreclosure. Homeowner was informed from the bank that his home was Not going to foreclosure.

Why Over 100 Homes go to Foreclosure every Month in Las Vegas

Jesse Keenan explains why over 100 homes go into Foreclosure every Month here in Las Vegas.

This Does NOT Have to happen to Your Home

How can we reach people before they loose their home to Foreclosure? Reach out to us before this happens to you.

Jesse Keenan goes over the foreclosure numbers from January 1st 2020 until June 24th 2020. Any and all information can be found on this website. We also have a glossary of terms to help you understand the lingo Here

A $30,000 Wire Saves a family's home 1 hr before foreclosure.

We Saves Homes saves a house just 1 hour before Foreclosure by wiring $30,000 to the bank. Nothing brings us more joy than being able to save a home foreclosure especially around the holidays. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Homeowner sells and continues Living in his home

Mark chose to get some cash and stay in his home till the end of the school season. There are many options that we can discuss when it comes to saving your home from Foreclosure. Please come in a speak with us about your situation…. Schedule a free Consultation

We Have Eight Ways to Stop Foreclosure and Restore Credit

We have 8 Ways to STOP Foreclosure! Each method is unique and we will find a perfect solution for your unique situation.

We have many ways we can help you prevent your home from going into the foreclosure process. Each method is unique and we will find a perfect solution for your unique situation. Contact us to set up and appointment and Save your Home today. Behind on Your Mortgage Payments? Need a Mortgage Loan?

Behind on Your Mortgage Payments, Need a Loan?

So one of the eight ways that I have to stop foreclosure is to bring the mortgage current now how we do that is to give you a loan if you are one or more payments behind on your mortgage you’ve probably already found out out that you can’t go to any regular bank and get a second mortgage or a third mortgage or refinance your property if you have equity in it or not, no bank will help you out. this is where I come in if this sound like something you’re interested in give me a call, come down to my office and lets work something out.


I Lost my Home to Foreclosure

When you don't understand what is going to happen, it is a spooky experience to have to go through. Take Control of your situation.

Homes Still going to Foreclosure

The Moratorium only protects Renters and homes with a Fanny May or Freddy Mac home loan.

We Save Homes Client describes how we helped him Save his Home

Mark lived in his home for over two years fell behind on his mortgage payments. He explains he was working with the bank for a long time and believed they would help him, only to be told with limited time left there was no other option but to pay the full amount that was owed or get foreclosed on.

He was lost in what to do and where he was going to go with his son. He had given up and accepted he was going to lose his home. We reached out to him and we were able to find a solution for him. It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. contact us to see what we can do for you.

We Save Homes has New Solutions

There are other options besides short sale, Bankruptcy, and foreclosure. Lets get started Today. Visit our website to learn more.
Bankruptcy isn’t always the best solution for everyone. We also offer a credit restoration program that some people like to start in order to get their credit back on track. Every situation is different, we can report on-time payments to the credit agency so that the clients, in time, can use their credit agai

Home saved by Bankruptcy 5 times before Short Sale

Jesse Keenan saves a home from foreclosure using Bankruptcy which was filed five times, free of charge to the clients.

Million Dollar Home on 3/4 acre goes to Foreclosure.

Jesse Keenan attempts to interview an upset homeowner after they lost their home to foreclosure to find out what they had tried to prevent the foreclosure …. The property had plenty of equity in it and is located in the south west part of Las Vegas close to the I-15. Don’t let lose your home to the bank when there are other options to be considered.

The Foreclosure Timeline


Jesse Keenan explains in detail from beginning to end the Foreclosure Timeline in Nevada. Once foreclosed on, the process cannot be reversed in this State. Do not wait until it s too late. Learn about the foreclosure process and contact us.

Watch a LIVE Las Vegas Foreclosure Auction

Go Behind the Scenes of a Las Vegas Foreclosure Auction! This is the process of a foreclosure Auction.

Don’t Let This Happen to You! Call the Las Vegas Foreclosure Prevention Specialists We Save Homes!

Bankruptcy Option Explained
and how we use it

We Save Homes founder Jesse Keenan explains how bankruptcy may be an option for Foreclosure Prevention. Keenan has helped thousands of Las Vegas families successfully avoid foreclosure. Call 702-400-9266 for more information.

What Happens after Filing Bankruptcy without us

Homeowner gets foreclosed on without any warning from the bank after filing Bankruptcy in Las Vegas, next to Summerlin. We will always stay in communication with you and keep you 100% informed on the process so this does not happen to you. Learn about our Foreclosure Prevention services.

Interview of a Homeowner that was Foreclosed on

Home owner lost their home before they could consult us. See what happened and learn what could have been avoided.

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An Association Forecloses on a Home for $8,108

Jesse Keenan of We Save Homes visits a home that has recently been foreclosed on by the association. The Homeowner has the Ring doorbell and refuses to answer the door. https://wesavehomes.com