Million Dollar Home goes to Foreclosure

Jesse Keenan interviews an upset homeowner after his beautiful home goes to foreclosure 

Associations can and will foreclose on your home

Homeowners loose their home to the Association and do not want to talk about it

Bankruptcy was filed five times to stop foreclosure

We Save Homes helps the homeowner save their home which was upside-down financially by filing Bankruptcy Five times to stop the bank from foreclosing. Forcing the bank to cooperate with us.

The foreclosure timeline explained in detail

Bankruptcy..., just 1 of 8 ways to prevent foreclosure

Homeowner just lost their home to foreclosure

Homeowner looses her home at the auction

This is what happens after you home sales at the auction



If you are filling bankruptcy, need a loan modification, need a loan, short sale and buy it back, or quick cash with a one day close and stay in your home, we are here to assist and support you finding the best solution that works for you. 

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