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Jesse Keenan goes over the foreclosure numbers from January 1st 2020 until June 24th 2020. Any and all information can be found on his website WeSaveHomes.com

We Have Eight Ways to Stop Foreclosure and Restore Credit

Behind on Your Mortgage Payments, Need a Loan?

Behind on Your Mortgage Payments? Need a Mortgage Loan? We have 8 Ways to STOP Foreclosure!

A $30,000 Wire Saves a family's home 1 hr before foreclosure.

We Saves Homes saves a house just 1 hour before Foreclosure by wiring $30,000 to the bank. Nothing brings us more joy than being able to save a home foreclosure especially around the holidays. Don’t wait until it’s too late! 

Homeowner sells his home and can continue Living there

Mark chose to get some cash and stay in his home till the end of the school season  …. Schedule a free Consultation  


The Foreclosure Timeline

Jesse Keenan explains in detail from beginning to end the Foreclosure Timeline in Nevada


Watch a LIVE Las Vegas Foreclosure Auction

Go Behind the Scenes of a Las Vegas Foreclosure Auction! Don’t Let This Happen to You! Call the Las Vegas Foreclosure Prevention Specialists We Save Homes!

Your Bankruptcy Options Explained

We Save Homes founder Jesse Keenan explains how bankruptcy may be an option for Foreclosure Prevention. Keenan has helped thousands of Las Vegas families successfully avoid foreclosure. Call 702-400-9266 today.


Happens after Filing Bankruptcy without Us

Homeowner gets foreclosed on without any warning from the bank after filing Bankruptcy in Las Vegas, next to Summerlin. Learn about our Foreclosure Prevention services.

Homeowner loses her Home at the Foreclosure auction

Home owner informed us she had it handled, her home was the first to go to sale contact our office today and learn more options besides Foreclosure …  Schedule a Free consultation 

This Does NOT Have to happen to you

How do I reach people before Foreclosure?

Jesse Keenan arrives at a property that just was Foreclosed on… this does not have to happen to you…. 702-400-9266