8 Ways to Prevent Foreclosure

1. Most popular method:
We sell the property to an investor who will in return, rent the property back to the previous homeowner. The previous homeowner will then have the opportunity to purchase the property back in a negotiated agreed upon time period. (We have several different options if you choose this).
2. Pay all the missed back payments and fees in full is the best way to stop foreclosure …. (we offer small loans that are not credit driven)
3. Refinance the property … (We are not credit driven) but do offer this service in special situations. 
4. Partner up with the homeowner which sometimes includes fixing up the property and selling it on the open market. (each situation is different)
5. We can short sale the property and allow the homeowner stay in the home if desired.
6. Bankruptcy is NOT a solution, however, we do from time to time use it to your benefit depending on the situation. 
I will walk you through and explain each one and the outcome …. Please do not wait till the last day to contact me… if you do, it can get pricey …. I can and do pay for my clients Bankruptcy in order to save the property from time to time… Ask about our Bankruptcy filing assistance.  
7. Quick cash for the property in “as is, where is” condition sometimes in as little as 24 hours. We can discuss the details in person to satisfy the owners needs and wants.
8. Mortgage Forbearance options. We work with Mortgage Companies to find options that allow the homeowner to stay in their home.
Talking to someone at your Mortgage Company may give you hope that your home is NOT going to sale. But do not be misled, the Trustee has been hired by your bank to foreclose on your property, as soon as possible in order to retrieve their money that has been invested in your Loan.
Please find a list of properties in the “Auction Sales” section of this site (top left) of people who chose a different Company to save their home and lost.