8 Ways to Prevent Foreclosure

1. To have our Non Profit Loan Modification Department contact & work with the home owners Mortgage Company and restructure your loan to lower your payments and forgive your missed back payments which sometimes includes a Mortgage Forbearance.
2. Pay all the missed payments and fees in full is the best way to stop foreclosure …. (we offer small loans that are not credit driven)
3. Partner up with the homeowner which sometimes includes fixing up the property and selling it on the open market. (each situation is different)
4. Quick Cash for the property …  This seems to be very popular these days, and we can pay cash the same day, But, what others can’t do,  we are able to help you buy a different home with smaller payments that you can afford without a credit check depending on your situation.
5. We can sell the property to an investor and allow the homeowner stay in the home if desired, and have the option to purchase the property back in the near future. 
6. Bankruptcy is NOT a solution, however we can go over your options and the results regarding this tool. We can pay for your bankruptcy in certain circumstances on any of our programs. Please note that Bankruptcy only postpones the foreclosure process for approximately 30 calendared days unless you attend the court hearing and make the agreed upon increased payments. The Trusee will not put the notice on the property the next time the property is going to foreclose according to NRS 107.082         
NRS 107.082  Oral postponement of sale.

      1.  If a sale of property pursuant to NRS 107.080 is postponed by oral proclamation, the sale must be postponed to a later date at the same time and location.

      2.  If such a sale has been postponed by oral proclamation three times, any new sale information must be provided by notice as provided in NRS 107.080.

      (Added to NRS by 2005, 1621)

7. We do have Short Sale Options depending on your situation, we use one of the Best Short Sale guys in Las Vegas.
8.  Number eight is complex and needs to be discussed in person.
I will walk you through and explain each option and the outcome …. Please do not wait until the last day to contact me… if you do, it can get risky …. I can pay for my clients Bankruptcy in order to save the property from foreclosure from time to time… Ask about our Bankruptcy filing services. I have 15 years experience in this field of Real Estate.  
Talking to someone at your Mortgage Company may give you hope that your home is NOT going to sale. But do not be misled, the Trustee has been hired by your bank to foreclose on your property, as soon as possible in order to retrieve their money that has been invested in your Loan.
Please find a list of properties in the “Auction Sales” section of this site (top left) of people who chose a different Company to save their home and lost.