About Us


I  am Jesse Keenan, the owner of "We Save Homes" if there is a complex  situation that is not ordinary, contact me directly. I can not publish  all of our solutions on this site. 

We currently have Eight different ways to stop Foreclosure.

Please note, "We are not a law firm and/or a bankruptcy attorney" But I do have access to attorneys that we use depending on your situation. 

I have been a licensed Realtor in Las Vegas since the year 2000. Life was good and then the market crashed and I found myself facing foreclosure. I hired an attorney only to find out he was not familiar with the process like he claimed to be and my lovely home was foreclosed on in 2010.     8059 Pinnacle Peak Ave. 

  I then started learning more and more about the foreclosure process and what I can do with the banks to get them to cooperate with me during the negotiations. This was a huge learning process. 

  I have personally watched several homes go to foreclosure at the Nevada Legal News parking lot where the Foreclosure Auction takes place every weekday located at 930 So. Fourth St., Ste. 100. Las Vegas, NV 89101-6845.   https://www.nevadalegalnews.com  This is open to the public and anyone who can show proof of funds can bid on any property. 

There are many reasons why people face foreclosure, such as job loss, sudden illness, divorce, a death in the family, or excessive debt obligations, etc.  Every person has a different situation.  This important situation should be discussed in person at our office. 

   By law, the trustee has to publish the "Notice of Trustee Sale" three times in a public newspaper (The Nevada Legal News),  post the "Notice Of Sale" on the property, mail it to the home owner of record three times. Make no mistake about it, the trustee is a law firm hired by the bank to foreclose on the property the correct way. The trustee law firm is a professional in this business and is an expert in getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. While one person at the Mtg Co. might be working with the homeowner, someone else at at different branch has been instructed to hire a trustee to foreclose on the property. Once foreclosed on, the process can not be reversed in Nevada.

  This does not have to happen to you, before the foreclosure happens, please contact me and lets come up with a plan that works for you.

Please visit the "Foreclosed On" section on this site for a specific list of homes that have been foreclosed on this year 2019 in Las Vegas. I bet these people thought they had it handled and did not expect to be foreclose on.