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There are many reasons why people face foreclosure such as job loss, sudden illness, divorce, death in the family, or excessive debt obligations, etc. Every person has a different situation. We will discuss your unique situation in person at our office and come up with a plan that works for you.

This does not have to happen to you! Before the foreclosure happens, PLEASE reach out to us.​

Why so many homes go to Foreclosure.

Jesse Keenan founder of We Save Homes breaks down the Nevada Revised Statute and why so many homeowners go into Foreclosure without knowing. You only get one shot to save your home, this is not something you want to gamble with or learn by making mistakes. 

    Once foreclosed on, the process can not be reversed in Nevada.

No one should lose their Home

If you’ve fallen behind on your home loan payments, the building stress interrupts all aspects of your life. If you refuse to take action, the bank will foreclose on the property, locking the doors with all of your belongings inside. Even if you decide to take action, if you wait too long, the only options may be bankruptcy (which may not alleviate you of your debt to the bank depending on your ability to pay) or waiting for the inevitable foreclosure and repossession.

Why Choose Our Firm

 *Please note, “We are not a law firm and/or a bankruptcy attorney” But I do have access to attorneys that we use depending on your situation. 

Over 15 years of Experience

Jesse Keenan has been a Real Estate professional for over 20 Years​. His personal experience with foreclosure led to his passion to help others prevent Foreclosures on their homes.

Best Case Stratergy

Everyone's situation is Different, we will come up with a best case scenario for your unique Foreclosure Prevention plan. Please contact us now for a Free Consultation

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Jesse will work personally with you to save your Home. We have 8 strategies to prevent Foreclosures. Connect with us Today!

About Us

I am Jesse Keenan, the owner of “We Save Homes” if there is a complex situation that is out of the ordinary, please contact me directly.

I have been a licensed Realtor in Las Vegas since the year 2000 and life was going GREAT. But then the market crashed and I found myself facing Foreclosure.
I hired an attorney only to find out he was not as familiar with the process as he claimed to be and my lovely home @ 8059 Pinnacle Peak Ave was foreclosed in 2010.
Driven by this, I started learning more about the foreclosure process and how to strategically get banks to cooperate with me during the negotiation process. This was a huge learning process, but I was driven.

NRS 107.082

Oral Postponement of Sale

Chapter 13. Bankruptcy

Stop Foreclosure by Declaring

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